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Tiki Trouble Hardcover
TIKI TROUBLE is a story of heroic transformation - the life-changing power of taking a step of courage in the face of fear!  When a phobia-plagued insurance adjuster, Brewster Williams, is shanghaied to a remote South Seas island, an evil shaman’s curse turns him into a one foot-high Tiki doll. Brewster must fight against all fear to save a pair of native princesses in order to switch his body back. The book is designed for an estimated 48 pages of heart warming, humorous and adventure-filled visual storytelling art, displayed in a luscious large format hardcover book with over-sized pages of illustrated storytelling. Designed to be in the vein of those beautiful large illustrated storybooks of the 1950’s.

Aloha, and welcome to the TIKI TROUBLE Kickstarter, Let’s-Get-This-Book-Printed-page! This is a special limited edition Kickstarter exclusive.

First, I want to say mahalo and thank you for stopping by and checking out my project TIKI TROUBLE. I welcome all of you supporters, as team members as we go down this exciting path together. I am so thrilled to bring this book to the Kickstarter community! And with your help, this special edition book will be printed! Not only can you get a version of this book into your hands, but we also have a bunch of cool rewards for every level of supporter!

I wanted to go back to that beautiful format of those gorgeous over-sized golden books from the 1950’s, and not only enjoy the story and the characters, but also immerse ourselves in the visual exploration of this adventure through a large format book. So that’s what we want to do here. The paired-down story will fit into this beautiful hardback illustrated book.

The story and art for this original special project are already being produced, based on one of our feature film scripts that has been developed and pitched. I have been entrenched in the animation and filmmaking industry for over 20 years, I know – and many of you may know – what a monumental task it is to launch a feature film. So we want to share this story with the world in a format we can make available right now.

TIKI TROUBLE is an illustrated adventure set in a remote South Sea's island. When insurance agent Brewster Williams is shanghaied, he is mistakenly turned into a Tiki and must save the day.
Dominic Carola is an award-winning 22-year animation veteran and former Disney animator. After 10+ years of animating for Walt Disney Feature Animation, he stepped out to pursue his next dream of building an independent artist-driven studio.
All of our story titles and artwork are steeped in the fundamentals and principles of the animation process, and we bring those aspects of story, character, staging, and clarity to our library of titles.
Premise Entertainment is an Originator of Creative Content and also a support and Co-Production Studio for Animation, Film, Television, Publishing and Web-based media.